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“I feel better and lighter than before. My pigmentations on my face are gone now. I feel so young and healthy”

– Noretha Fernanadez


“My back neck was so hard before. I have difficulty in moving it together with my shoulder. Now, it really improves. I feel so light and my back neck is so soft. I can have long strike in golf”

– Eliseo A. Ramos, Jr.


“I really lose weight and have a wonderful skin. My skin is so elastic now. I have fine facial skin. I don’t need to put make-up. I have really seen the difference of before and after.”

– Ana Marie Ramos.


“Before I came to Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center, I got constipated. I feel so heavy inside and I had no sense of smell. Unlike now, I have bowel movement and can able to smell well.”

– Pastor Kim


“Before, I had my dry skin and wrinkles, but now, after few sessions of facial and herbal spa therapy, I have fine, soft and wrinkle free skin.”

– Editha Park


“I’m already slim now. I look younger than before. I don’t have to wear make-up. Also, my skin is smoother and tighter now, I Don’t need to put lotion. Lastly, I feel energetic”.

– Roelia Reyes.


“After one session, I am able now to wea my

slippers because last time I couldn’t do

so due to my joint problem”.

– Zosima


"I've had an excellent time with Lee Eun Young. I came in with terrible rhino sinusitis and came out with so much relief. Alternative treatments take a little more time and patience, mine took a little over 12-13 sessions. It wasn't magic, it was after painful and effective massage sessions, and glasses of hot water every day. Up to now, I follow health hacks from Lee Eun Young such as hot water and low temp AC!!! PS. I lost weight too, even if that wasn't my intention. Let's just call it a Bonus".

– Wilhelm Jacobin

"After my detox sessions, I no longer have hyper acidity, I do not fell bloated anymore and my face is getting better. I learned how to eat right by choosing real food over junk/processed food. Drinking ten cups of hot/warm water is now a daily habit. The unexpected weight loss was my bonus. Kamsamnida Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center for helping me with my journey to wellness”.

– Joren Agustin Beltran


"After 10 sessions of detoxifying process with Dr. Lee's Clinic, my sugar level was reduced by 50 percent from 250. This is a big improvement. I also feel that my immune system improved indicated by my disappearing psoriasis. Thank you Dr. Lee."

– Ven Gallego

We have already proven the effectiveness of our services, Hence; here are the comments from our clients: