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Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center is a state-of-the-art Korean clinic which highly offers naturopathic method and acupuncture treatments, we can care and cure any problems of our clienteles without any side effects:  from obesity, hypertensions, diabetes, face problems (acne, melasma, and aging), kidney problems, even fertility and hormonal imbalance, height problems, etc. (so name it, we can help you in natural way).

Adapting Korean technique mingling with naturopathic approach, our services is said to be premium from its permutation, especially our intense Korean Facial and products, it’s very  totally dissimilar from others, we are more concern on how skin recovers itself naturally, making it smooth, glowing, brightening, wrinkle-free, scar-free, and hydration every day after treatment without any side effects.

“Now days, western medicines are more giving drugs to the patient. For example, hypertensive patient must have his maintenance medicine; unknowingly every organ has been affected. It’s been said that western medicine suppresses the illness whereas more natural and holistic remedies support the body to use its own defenses to fight the illness. Also, when the organs are damaged already, the chance of removal of the specific organs might be possible,” Dr. Lee said. “In Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center, we determine the cause of diseases and health problems. It is very important to know the root cause in order to prevent its re occurrence. We can guarantee that through naturopathy and acupuncture, we can help you.”

From our well-mannered and well-trained staffs up to our latest equipment, we make sure that you are well cared and handled, we make sure that you will feel at home while relaxing, beautifying and detoxifying all toxins in our clinic.


Dr. Lee Eun Young, a valedictorian graduate in Ph. D.  Acupuncture (Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine Wonkwang University) and obtain her Naturopathy (Executive Programme in Health Policy and Management School of Public health, Seoul National University, South Korea). Last 2011, Dr. Lee started the first clinic, Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center in FTC Tower and branched out in SM City Davao last year and SM lanang Premier this 2015.

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